Welcome to the July 2005 40th Reunion of the
Littlefield High School Class of 1965.
The Best Reunion Ever!
This is a class of firsts. The Class of '65 was the first class to graduate from the new high school on May 31, 1965. It continued that trend when as part of its 40th Reunion it held the first official event at the Littlefield Lands Duggan House Museum.

The Reunion began unofficially on Friday afternoon July 29th as the first class members began to straggle in to R & W Supply. By Friday evening there were enough classmates and their spouses to begin decorating for the luncheon scheduled on Saturday. The event began to take shape as the tables were set up and the walls of the conference room at R&W were adorned with classmates' pictures from graduation and going back to the 3rd and 4th grade. Our heartfelt thanks to classmate Charlene Walthall Halley and her sister, Linda, for the use of the R & W Supply conference room and facilities.

Saturday began with an early and unofficial, impromptu breakfast at Dixie Too's across from the Crescent Park Motel. From there Janis and several classmates headed to the Littlefield Lands Duggan House Museum to begin setting up for activities later in the day.

The "official" reunion began at noon Saturday, July 30th, with lunch in the R&W Supply conference room. The lunch was prepared by Doris Muller, with special appetizers by Gladys Robinson (who used to operate the Dairy Queen-remember her taquitos?) and Teresa Wood (Janice Wood Richey's sister) who were prompted to come in from Abilene for the event.

After lunch with Janis "the Koller Bear" presiding, two of our former teachers, Don Thorp and Evelyn Kisner, called the class roll -- there were approximately 44 in attendance. However, it was generally agreed that of those present, some of them really weren't "all there." In all there were 72 classmates, spouses, special friends, and family members.

Don Thorp reminded us that no matter where we are and what we've done with our lives, it all began with the years we spent together growing up in Littlefield. And after a revival of "When You Walk Through a Storm" from Carousel in which Jerry Neuenschwander was noticeably off-key on more than one occasion, the "K-Bear" recognized several of our classmates: Judy Penn Johnson who traveled approximately 3,800 miles to come to the reunion (Captain Cook, Hawaii) [Although David Tullis (Anchorage, Alaska) hotly contested the results and wants a re-count.] [Maybe he's right! According to MapQuest it is 3,881.24 miles from Littlefield to Anchorage.]. Other classmates traveled from Churchhill, Tennessee (Joe Blessing); Oviedo, Florida (John Dick Carl); Glendale, California (Buddy Duggan); and Minnetonka, Minnesota (Kathy Woody Tessari).

Roxy Armstrong Baber has the most progeny -- 11 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. David Dusek was unanimously chosen at the classmate who had changed the most, and Jerry Neuenschwander as the classmate who had changed the least.

Also remembered were classmates who have passed before us: Mike Greer, Jimmy Ford, Glenn Davis, and Judy Foley McGeath.

After disbanding at R & W, the class toured the new gym at the high school. Activities reconvened at the Littlefield Lands Duggan House Museum where a huge tent had been set up Saturday morning in preparation for the evening meal and continued visiting. At 6:00 p.m. the attendees were welcomed by Lana Wegner, President of Littlefield Lands Duggan House Museum Committee. Classmate and former resident, Buddy Duggan, welcomed everyone and gave a brief history of the house and grounds. The evening meal of barbequed brisket was catered by Doris Muller. After dinner visiting, exaggerating, and "tall-tale-telling" carried on late into the evening.

The reunion concluded Sunday morning with a breakfast at the Museum and a tour. With memories rejuvenated and long-lasting friendships renewed, all returned home -- until next time!

All classmates wish to express their gratitude to R & W Supply, to the Museum committee, and to Jim Patrick for the use of the tent. And, of course, their continued appreciation to "The K-Bear," who has organized every class reunion thus far, and always manages to out-do herself.

Class members attending were:
Kathie Armistead (Stanaford); H-Jerry Stanaford; Sister-Karen Armistead
Roxy Armstrong (Baber)
Carolyn Bell (Cooper)
Janet Blackwell (Ordner)
Roy Joe Blessing
Elaine Bridges (Clark)
Jimmy Butler
Mark Crouch
John Dick Carl
Larry G. Coffman
Pat Dillworth (Warren); H-Bob
Buddy Duggan; W-Dr. Megan Shields
David Dusek
Dwight Favor
Brenda Freeman (Diersing)
Paula Green (Barnhart)
Cleo Harrell (Bales)
Jackie Heffington
Linda Hutto (King)
Janis Koller (Bailey)
Sue Hebel (Faulkenberry); H- Joe Faulkenberry
Terry Hyatt
Fay Ivie (Martin); H-Jerry Martin
Keith Kisner
Haynes Melton: W-Peggy
Jerry Neunschwander; W-Sharon
Jimmy Parmer: W-Sharon
Judy Penn (Johnson); Richard Johnson
Tonya Petty (Seale): H-Don Seale
Christy Pressley (Robertson)
Dalton Reese; W-Linda
Emma Bell Ricks (Head)
Ronald Sitton
Randy Smith
Sandra Smith (Roden); H-David Roden
Sheryl Smith (Jones); Son-Lee Jones
Terry Smith; W-Patti
Mack Steffey
Jonell Tatum (Smith)
Karen Thaxton (Bankston); H-Billy Bankston
David Tullis
Charlene Walthall (Halley)
Janice Wood (Richey); H-William "Bill" Richey
Kathy Woody (Tessari)
Evelyn Kisner
Don Thorp
Schoolmates & Special Friends:
Janie Anderson Fowler; H-Mike Fowler
Brenda Batson (Richardson)
Sallie Duggan Wier; H-George Wier
Linda Hodge (Shadden)
Maisie Naylor (Birchelbach)
Rodney Richardson
Lana Wegner

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