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Our LHS Class of 1967 met for our 35th year reunion in Littlefield and Lubbock on July 12-14, 2002. The Class of 1966 joined us for all of our activities.

It was a great reunion with lots of visiting and picture taking. We met Friday night at the Holiday Inn at the Loop for registration and a social in the Atrium around the pool.

There were 100 people in attendance from both classes at the dinner Saturday night. There were at least 53 including 18 spouses for our class Friday night, and at least 23 including 9 spouses from the Class of 1966 that night for a total of 76 at the social at the Holiday Inn in Lubbock.

There were 40 from our class including 11 spouses and 10 frrom the Class of 1966 including 2 spouses at the coffee Sat. morning at the LHS library. There were 9 mothers of classmates in attendance including Mrs. Kenneth Lynn who had been the Senior English teacher for both classes. These mothers were there: Mrs. Conway, Mrs. Lumsden, Mrs. Lynn, Mrs. Walker (Denny's mom), Mrs. Lust (Barbara Burleson Petty's mom), Mrs. Tatum, Mrs. Alexander, Mrs. Hampton, and Mrs. Arend.

One of our classmates, David White, is now a teacher at LHS and gave a very nice, positive talk on the school. We had group pictures of the class of '67 and the class of '66 made while there.

Lunch was on your own and about 32 of us ate at the Wildcat Cafe on the Hwy. 84 bypass near Phelps St. in Littlefield.

Saturday afternoon was open to various activites on your own. There were a few people from the classes who attended a free winery tour in Lubbock and a few others who attended the Vatican Exhibit, frescoes from the Vatican, in Lubbock. Some visited relatives and friends in the area or toured familiar places in Littlefield.

We met back in Lubbock at 7 pm for dinner at the Fifty Yard Line Restaurant. There were 100 people from both classes at the dinner. 76 were from our class including 30 spouses and 3 young adults, and 24 were from the class of 1966 including 9 spouses.

At the dinner the Master of Ceremonies, Jerry Reagan, welcomed us and made introductions. A prayer was given by Mike Stafford, husband of classmate Joan Brantley Stafford. Minnie Lee Willard Johnson and Carol Tubbs McDole led us in the singing of "Amazing Grace", and Fred and Paula (Davis) Koontz, representing the classes of '67 and '66, lit a candle in memory of our classmates who have passed away. Dinner was served, and then the reunioin was closed by singing "Maroon and White". Group pictures of the classes followed the dinner along with much visiting and picture taking.

Some of those who were staying at the Holiday Inn in Lubbock ate breakfast together on Sunday, said final goodbyes and departed for home. We are all looking forward to our next reunion. Plan ahead now for it. We have had one every 5 years after the 10th reunion. Our 40th reunion would be in 2007. Goodness! Hopefully, we can stay in touch a little easier now with e-mail access and addresses and have about a year's notice ahead of the reunion. 

Many thanks go to all the reunion committee: Chere Kierce Kelton, Carol Tubbs McDole, Linda Gilbert Charlton, Richard Wright, Jerry Reagan, and Gary Purdy. I jumped on the reunion bandwagon to help get people's addresses and e-mails. Sandra Blackwell Reynolds was in charge of contacting the Class of 1966. They all did a great job. 

These people were at the reunion:
Class of '67
Pat (Alexander) Conway, Ricky and Fayedell (Duffy) Arend, Ebert Ayres and friend, Ed Blessing, Elton Boyd, Joan (Brantley) and Mike Stafford, Martha (Bryan) and Ronnie Millsap and son, Barbara (Burleson) and Arlie Petty, Verna Jo (Chambers) and Don Herttenberger, Gary and Georganne Conway, Bruce and Selena Dirickson, Donna (Feagley) and Ron Williams, Linda (Gilbert) and John Charlton, Phylis (Giles) and Hal Monical, Kim (Harp) and Jim Scates, Tommy Hood, Tim and Gloria Hutton, Chere (Kierce) and Tommy Kelton, Rick and Lydia Kloiber, Fred and Paula Koontz, Sharon Langford, Robbie (Logan) and Bobby Gronewald, Mike Lumsden, Franci Ana (Mauk) and Ted Moore and son, Nelda (Walker) and Wayne Monroe, Mert (Naylor) and Ron Clark, Wendell Ogerly, Gary and Angie Purdy, Cleo and Rangal and wife, Jerry and Ann Reagan, T. J. Reed, Bobby and Pam Richey, Roy Lynn and Robertson and wife, Suzy (Tatum) Wells, Carol (Tubbs) McDole, Bernie and Donna Wall, Denny and Debbie Walker, David and Judy White and daughter, Helen Wicker, Minnie Lee (Willard) and Tommy Johnson, Bill Wright, Richard and Mary Wright, Stella (Bussey) Goyne, Patricia (Dunn) Mogg, and me, Frances (Hampton) Meigs.

Class of '66:
Judy (Lumsden) and Robert Bolton, Sharon (Bernethy) and Robert Montgomery, Sandra (Blackwell) and Rut Reynolds, Cheryl (Dever) Rooker, Pearl (Durham) Renfro, Paula (Davis) Koontz, Jay and Sherry Campbell, Don Birkelbach, Ann (Wilson) House, Linda (Newberry) and Rick Pinkerton, Brenda (Batson) and Rodney Richardson, Marilyn (Burleson) and Mac Vann, Diann Arend, Jerry Cox, Fred Kennedy, Carl and Candy Odom., and Ruth Ann (Zoth) Meers.

If there were others there who I missed listing or any errors in the events, please forgive me. There have been people asking who was at the reunion and what we did, and I knew that this needed to be gotten out.

Hope to see y'all at the next reunion, and that we can keep in touch with one another once in awhile.