PHOTOS . . .
The photos from the July reunion are on the following pages. We have Frances (Hampton) Meigs, Phylis Giles, Sandra (Blackwell) Reynolds, Kim Harp Scates, Verna (Chambers) Herttenberger, Mike Stafford and Mert (Naylor) Clark to thank for them.

There are TEN pages of photos. Each page is full of photos and, depending upon your connection speed, may take some time to come up on your browser. Be patient!

There is a wide variety in the quality of the photos, but I tried to make the faces visible on each. The names used for identification are the names the people had in high school. It seemed simpler than putting their maden/married names and/or "husband of Jane Doe". On the"Info" page you will find a list of graduates with their current names and addresses. If I have made any mistakes in indentification , please forgive me and send a correction via email. And, most of all, please remember this, "It ain't my fault that all the photos sent to me were of OLD people."