"Los Caidos de Gabriel" . . .

Ok, so I thought Herb Albert was a god.

We formed "Los Caidos de Gabriel", so that we could play the music we were listening to on the radio.
Ralph and I played cornet. Bill Nelson played trombone. Jimmy Williams played guitar. Allen Williams played bass guitar.
David Conway played drums. Ann Farmer and then MeLinda Lasiter played piano.

These are some snapshots made as we played for the Band Banquet in '67.

Me, when I was young and pretty. Ralph when he was . . . well . . . Ralph.
Bill Nelson when he must have been having a really bad hair day.

Bill is asking David if he knows what the heck the band's name means.

It got dark on us, and we couldn't read our music. Thaxter Price holds a lantern for us.
Allen Williams, on bass, is trying to pretend he's not part of the band.

As Allen Willams and Jimmy Williams are keeping their distance from the guys in the big hats,
some of you are watching from the tables. Can you recognize the backs of your heads in this photo and the one above?

(Oh, loosely translated "Los Caidos de Gabriel" means "Gabriel's DropOuts".
We had considered the name "Smashing Pumpkins" but decided that it was just way too silly.)