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President's Message

Wanda BriceHere we are in 1999, the last year of our birth century. Some of us have lived longer in the 20th Century than we will in the 21st! Time seems to be racing so fast -- as if it is somehow trying to keep pace with our amazing technological leaps.

As in the beginning of every new year, but particularly this significant year, I re-evaluate how I am using my time. I recognize my emotional currency of living as being with people I love. For me, great living must also include intellectual stimuli and the 'fun "factor These valued life ingredients, stirred together, cook up friendship stew. (Wow, I have made a cooking analogy!) Having said all that, you 71 understand why I now encourage you to attend the upcoming Forum events. They are full of friends.

In January, I got up at the crack of night to attend an informal Forum breakfast. We tried a new location and were not particularly pleased with the choice. (It's not easy being high-maintenance women.) The physical shortcomings of our environment did not keep us from having a great time together We even had a little chat with Donna Rohling at her country manor in the South of France. (Lucy Billingsley brought her to breakfast via cellular) Becky Hurley, our vice-president of programs, is doing a great job with the programs and with communications to remind us of upcoming events. Thanks again, Becky.

Our Forum is growing with the addition of our newest members. Once again, we have a stellar group of women. Cece Smith and her membership committee have made some outstanding choices, featured in this edition of the Globetrotter Please make it a point to welcome these newcomers.

It is not too early to plan to attend the IWF Conference in Montreal. It is particularly rewarding to make new friends from far away places. The Canada Forum sent a video touting the Conference to all Forum presidents and it looks wonderful! I will be happy to share it with anyone who is interested.

I look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events!

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